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Rug Cleaning Sydney

VIP Carpet CleaningRug Cleaning Sydney

Revitalise and maintain the quality of your rugs with our expert services

Our proficient staff members are rug cleaning specialists and can handle any type of carpet, including Turkish, Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, but also silk, wool, antique and handmade ones. We treat your precious carpets with attention and specialised care. Our team will first analyse your carpet in order to determine the best course of action for your rug cleaning. We will then choose the optimal methods and techniques that suit its particular weave, fibres and colours. Our staff will ensure your satisfaction by providing the best results, extending the life of your rug and protecting your investment.

Our staff members are all industry experts, providing unrivalled quality standards in rug cleaning, Sydney wide.

How does the VIP service work?

First, your rug or carpet is given a thorough clean using industrial strength vacuums, removing the dust, sand and dirt that become ingrained in the fabric. The next step in the cleaning process is to address heavily stained areas with chemical pre-treating solutions. These work to remove even the toughest stains and eliminate a majority of visible spots.

Our professional cleaners finish with a final vacuum and thorough clean to remove any remaining stains, leaving you with a fresh carpet that looks as good as new.

Rug Cleaning in Sydney

Cleaning Even the Finest of Rugs

Our professional rug cleaning service is available to clients across Sydney and can be applied to Persian and fine rugs. We know that quality Persian carpets require a high standard service, and that is exactly what we deliver. Our speciality cleaners take the utmost care to ensure that results don’t deteriorate the elegant fabric, structure and exquisite designs present in traditional rugs.