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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

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Specialised carpet dry cleaning in Sydney

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Do you want the Guaranteed most thorough carpet cleaning ever? Then you’ve come to the right place! We simply offer more than other companies for taking the time to do the absolute best job possible.

Unlike other companies that focus on the number of homes they do per day, we focus on excellence and work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied. In addition, we have invested in the most advanced equipment and the most effective cleaning products available.

A healthy home starts with a clean carpet. Allergens, pet dander, pesticides, mould, and bacteria get trapped in your home every day.

Just like hard floor surfaces carpets need regular cleaning too.

Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Sydney flush out all the soil and contaminants leaving your carpets looking, smelling and feeling clean and healthy.

We specialise in all kinds of stain removal from carpet cleaning including…

carpet cleaning Sydney for vomit stain removal

Vomit Stain Removal

Vomit doesn’t just cause nasty stains, but it also smells terrible, making cleaning it a difficult chore. It could also discolour carpet fibres if you do not take care of it immediately. The good news is that our team of cleaners are proficient at cleaning these types of stains and rescuing your carpet.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Urine Stain Removal

Urine Stain Removal

Human and pet urine stains are among the most commonly found stains in carpets. Our experienced staff members know exactly what to do, to remove the stain, as well as all the nasty odours.

carpet cleaning Sydney for tar stain removal

Tar Stain Removal

Tar and all similar substances, including grease, road oil and asphalt are especially difficult to remove, but your carpet has the best chance of survival if you call us.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Shoe Polish Stain Removal

Shoe Polish Stain Removal

If you spilled shoe polish on your carpet, your first reaction might be to panic, the next should be to call us, here at VIP. Our dry carpet cleaning services can get those stains out too.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Rust Stain Removal

Rust Stain Removal

Furniture with metal legs can cause rust stains, but you have no need to worry. Our team of professional cleaners can remove them for you.

carpet cleaning Sydney for pain stain removal

Paint Stain Removal

Different types of stains, require different removal techniques, our professional team of experienced cleaners is sure to provide the services you require.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Nail Polish Stain Removal

Nail Polish Stain Removal

Nail polish needs to be cleaned extensively, if you don’t want to see a trace of it, leave it to us to remove that nasty stain.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Lip Stick Stain Removal

Lip Stick Stain Removal

We can remove lipstick and blush stains for you, so you’ll never even know they’ve ever been there.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Ink and Dye Stain Removal

Ink and Dye Stain Removal

Ink or dye can be quite easy to clean with the right tools. Contact us today and allow us to take care of it.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Grease Stain Removal

Grease Stain Removal

If you don’t know what you are doing, trying to clean grease can do more harm than good. So call our dry carpet cleaning team now.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Furniture Polish Stain Removal

Furniture Polish Stain Removal

The best course of action, when it comes to furniture polish stains, is to call a professional dry carpet cleaning company in Sydney, as quickly as possible.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Faeces Stain Removal

Faeces Stain Removal

If you don’t have the stomach to deal with those nasty stains, call our team to remove them for you.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Coffee and Tea Stain Removal

Coffee and Tea Stain Removal

Have you had a little accident and spilled some coffee? We can help you fix it all up, with the carpet dry cleaning services Sydney clients swear by.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Candle Wax Removal

Candle Wax Removal

This is a truly delicate process and it requires a professional service to ensure your fibres won’t get damaged.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Blood Stain Removal

Blood Stain Removal

The longer a blood stains linger, the more difficult it is to remove them, so make sure you call us sooner rather than later.

carpet cleaning Sydney for Bleach Stain Removal

Bleach Stain Removal

Although most bleach stains can be difficult to remove, in most cases, they can be repaired. All you need is professional carpet dry cleaning services in Sydney.

If you want experienced cleaning services that will deliver the results you expect and deserve, call us now on 1300 66 86 46.